Chapter 1.11 She Was Too Young

“So you’re telling me you knew about this all along?” Claire had grabbed a chair and sat next to her dearest friend. Hearing the truth was hard, and it took out whatever energy she had left.

Holding onto her hand, Rosy explained everything. “ I’ve been going through dialysis for nearly 6 months now, but my body just can’t take it anymore. They haven’t found a kidney donor in all this time, and it’s too late now.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you ask me for help?” Claire was demanding answers.

“What could you have possibly done? Claire you had your own family to take care of, and I wasn’t going to come in the way. I didn’t want you to see me like this.”

“But you’re my friend Rosy! You’re like a sister to me.” On those last few words, the two women spent the rest of the day consoling and comforting each other.

Rosy had been through a harsh horse accident, and her fall was nearly fatal. The bones on the right half of her body had shattered, but luckily healed. She had received stitches on her left knee, which had also recovered nicely. However, there are some wounds that just cannot be fixed, and that were her internal organs. Her kidney had become a complete failure, and without a donor in time, she would no longer be able to live.

“Claire, you need to go.” Rosy insisted. “I don’t want you seeing me like this. Golly, you’re pregnant and you need to be there for your family, it’s what’s most precious in your life.”

“You are like family to me, Rosy. I wasn’t able to be there for you before, but I’ll definitely be there now. I’m not going anywhere.”

“But Claire, you can’t-”

“You would have done the same for me.” Claire concluded firmly, grabbing hold of Rosy’s cold hand.


Telling the news to the rest of the family was heart-wrenching. Rosy had become an extremely close friend to the family, and it was hard to see her go through such terrible hardships.


Only a few weeks later, the time had come. Claire had slept over that night at the hospital, never leaving her friends side. When came morning, Rosy had asked her to go get her food at the general cafeteria, however, when Claire came back, doctors were surrounding Rosy’s bed. The sound of the EKG became a loud buzz filling the room with the sound of death.


The funeral was kept a small and simple ceremony. Close friends and family attended the service, followed by the rest of the town’s inhabitants. The mailman had come, as well as the florist, a few farmers, and other close neighbors.

As the priest continued with the service, Claire and Chuck discussed at the back. “Did you know about this?” Claire asked curiously. Chuck answered with a simple nod and continued, “She didn’t want you to know. She knew you would be the first to volunteer to help.”

“Of course I would be! I would’ve done anything to help her.”

“That’s why she didn’t tell you. She didn’t want you to give up on part of your life, just to save hers. She was a good person, Claire.”


As the weeks past after the funeral, it was easier to accept the truth. Life continued, and as life continued, people aged on. Brooklyn was a healthy toddler when it came to blowing out her birthday candles, and it wasn’t long before she bloomed into a young child! She kept her dark skin, and her freckles became even more apparent. Her big brown eyes sparkled as she smiled, deep dimples forming in her cheeks.


As Brooklyn matured, her body grew, and her mind wanted to explore the world that was at her disposition. More than ever, she spent her days and nights outside. She would wake up early every morning, the sun only rising, to help the horses out of their stables, to fill the food bowls of every pet and deliver them fresh water.

Brooklyn cleaned up their messes, scrubbed her cow-girl boots until they were free of mud, and she made sure all the equipment was organized. Playing with the dogs, and teaching the horses new tricks, she never got tired of the outdoors. She would get so caught up in her playful days, her mother had to remind her when bedtime came, and that would be the only moment she’d step foot into the house.

Brooklyn wasn’t the only one who was going through physical changes. Time had passed by quickly, and the moment came where a new Middleton was added to the family.


– Sorry it took so long to update! Hope this makes it up for the wait. I’m also going to catch up and comment all your new chapters as well!

– I tried explaining Rosy’s situation as clearly as I can, though I’m no expert when it comes to the medical terms. I do know however, that her pain is an actual issue, and many people must go through long waiting lists in order to get a donor.

– The newborn is indeed a boy, but his name will only be revealed next chapter!

875 words



  1. Aww I feel bad for Claire, she was a very kind woman. You mentioned that it may not be the exact same way as an actual medical term, but it in fact is. This was a wonderful chapter. Also, Brooklyn is an adorable child with beautiful freckles.

    By the way I have a new chapter posted today if you would like to read it.

    1. I find Brooklyn adorable as well, I love seeing her grow up, being so close to the animals. It’s like a completely different family and household when she’s around them.

      Thanks for commenting, and yes, I’ll definitely check it out! 🙂

  2. That was a lovely chapter. Brooklyn aged up to such a caring and beautiful little girl.
    I feel for Claire it must be aweful to lose your best friend at such early age.

    1. It is a tough situation for Claire, and sadly it happens to so many people on a daily basis. Rosy was her very first friend when Claire moved into the town. She was someone who didn’t judge her and was there for her whenever she needed. Even for me, it’s sad to see her go, I liked having her company on the lot.

  3. It’s so sad about Rosy, I wish she would have told Claire what had happened instead of springing it on her like that. Brooklyn is so cute, she’s going to be beautiful when she grows up 🙂 lovely chapter

  4. As soon as I read the title I was like: oh no! 😦 shes gone forever!!!
    Awww she had a little boy and I think that Brooklyn is gonna remind Claire of Rosy… 😉 great chapter!!!

    1. I like the connection you’re making between Brooklyn and Rosy… I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but I think you’re right!

  5. This was indeed a sad chapter but Brook did aged into a pretty little girl. Can’t wait to see the new baby.

  6. Awh, Rosy was such a sweetheart, and I’m sure the hole in Claire’s life will never quite be filled. Brook’s looking to be a firm replacement, though(: She’s adorable!

  7. Aww I am going to miss her, 😥 Brook is cute! Can’t wait to learn the new little boys name!

  8. Great chapter!

    Sad though, to see Claire’s dear friend pass away. She should have told Claire though, maybe she could had done something to help her, or at least make her more comfortable in her final hours. Brooke is very cute, and I can’t wait to see how you further develop her personality.

    Can’t wait for more! 😀

  9. That was such a sad chapter. I am so sad to see Rosy pass away. It’s also sad that she felt the need to keep it a secret from Claire. I am really excited for the new baby boy! And I love Brook, as well.

  10. Whoah, did not see Rosy’s death coming! I really thought she might have a happy ending =( She was such a good friend to Claire.

    Brooklyn is ❤ ❤ ❤ Bet she's going to be really pretty when she's older! Can't wait to see what the new boy looks like!

    Still wondering when Claire's parent's are going to realise she's not at school anymore! Judging by Brooklyn, it's been quite a few years! Future sub-plot?

    1. Hmm .. You might be a mind reader, because I must admit, there will soon be an appearance of Claire’s parents! Stay tuned to find out more! 🙂

  11. Poor Rosy 😦

    I can understand why she didn’t tell Claire about it, but she went through so much alone when she should have had her best friend there. You handled this topic beautifully. Well done 🙂

    Also, Brooklyn is so cute!!!

    1. Yay, I’m glad you think so! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  12. :O I can’t believe I missed out on all of this! This was so touching! And I can’t believe that Rosy died 😥 And Brookie is soooo cute!

  13. Brooklyn is adorable, both physically and her personality :3

    And rosy :/ poor Claire for losing her best friend so young. I can understand why she wouldn’t want her to know though. Save her the heart ache of watching her get sicker and sick and not being able to help. It’s better to remember her for who she was :/

    I’ve missed you ❤

    1. You worded that perfectly! That’s exactly what I was thinking when I was writing this.
      And I’ve missed posting too! I need to keep more of a steady, constant beat.

  14. meginthebox · · Reply

    Aack, sorry, I kinda got behind for a bit. But wow… Rosy’s gone. That’s really sad, what happened. And for Claire to have to go through that with being very pregnant. That’s rough. T-T

    But at least Brooklyn is growing up nicely. She seems like a really cool kid and she’s adorable. And I’m so excited about this new baby! I wonder what sort of personality he’ll have, ’cause I love Brooklyn’s a lot.

    Loved it!

  15. Nooooooooooooo Rosie </3
    Brooklyn's adorable though. And I wonder how the next baby will turn out.

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