1.10 Let Me Tell You the Truth

“What’re you doing here, Courtney?” Cole was asking his sister, his teeth clenched, trying hard to control his anger.

“Oh Cole. I can’t believe you’re really here. After all these years-”

“Save it. What do you want?”

“What makes you think I need something? Why can’t you just believe that I tried so hard to find my brother?”

“Because you’re not like that; you need something, and I know it.”

“Wow, you really underestimate me don’t you? Don’t you think I’ve changed since the past?”

“Not one bit.” Cole replied, firmly.

“Just leave, no one wants you here.”

“No one? So you’re not alone?” Courtney said, her voice trailing off as high-pitched, happy screams started to fill the silence.

“Daddy, Daddy I want juice!” Brooklyn screamed to her father.

“Will you look at that? So you’re a father now, huh? Who would’ve known?”

Claire came from out back, following Brooklyn and when she saw there was a visitor, she joined Cole and his sister out on the front porch. “Hello! Who’s this?” Claire said, innocently.

Extending out her hand, Courtney said politely, “Hi, my name is Courtney. I’m Cole’s older sister.”


The three sat around the dining table, introductions still being made. “With all due respect, may I ask why you’ve come here?” Claire was now asking.

“Well, I’ve had my share of problems during the past few years, money being a huge problem, of course.” Courtney said, her stare turning to Cole.

She continued, “You know, if Daddy were still alive, I wouldn’t have gotten myself in such a disaster.”

“Shut up! You don’t know what you’re saying.” Cole yelled, losing his nerve.

“Cole, please, calm down! Please!” Claire was saying, trying to reassure him.

“Listen Cole, I need money, and you owe me.”

“I owe you nothing! You and Mom were ready to leave me. Your bags were packed and you were leaving me behind. What about all those times I was getting beaten, and threatened you never once tried to help me. I took matters into my own hands, and I’ve moved on. It’s about time you move on too.”

“Please? Cole, I’m pregnant, and I just lost my job. I’m in depths and I’m about to lose my own home. I can’t keep living like this, I need your help!” Courtney begged.

“What makes you think I have that kind of money to give away?”

“Well surely, you haven’t abandoned the family business, how have you?”

“What family business?” Claire interrupted, confused.

“It’s nothing, stay out of this.” Cole replied firmly.

“Cole, can I speak to you in private please?”

“What is she talking about?” Claire was demanding answers.

“I told you I had a bad past. But it’s the past, it’s gone.”

“What’s the family business? I need answers.”

“We sold a lot of drugs. And we stole things, and hurt a lot of people. That’s the only way we were able to make money. I’ve done lots of bad things Claire, and I don’t want to open old wounds.”

“But we need to help her! She’s pregnant for crying out loud. Can you imagine a little child having to grow up like that?”

“I grew up like that.”

“Exactly! So you shouldn’t wish it on anyone else. We need to help her.”


After talking and planning, an agreement was finally concluded. Cole and Claire gave her their run-down car, telling her to drive it or sell it. She was given a pair of keys that opened to an old warehouse that had old furniture, appliances and rare valuables. When everything was settled, Cole said his goodbyes. “This is the last time I’m helping you out. You’re on your own from now on. I’ve bailed you out this time, but only because of Claire. I don’t ever want to see you near me, nor my family. Is that clear?”

“Yes. And thank you for being such a great brother-”

“Just leave.” Cole interrupted her, telling her once again to make her final departure.


 After receiving a call in distress, Claire was rushing her way to the hospital. She had gotten a phone call from Chuck at nearly 2am telling her that Rosy was in a dying state.

Cole and Brooklyn remained patient in the waiting room, as Claire darted through the hospital halls and into Rosy’s private room. The smell of antiseptics filled the halls, the marble floors giving off a shiny reflection of the bright lights. Finding the right room number, Claire slowly made her way into the hospital room.

Entering the room, she saw a light green curtain and pushed it aside, to see her friend. Rosy was laying in the metalled bed, head resting on a pile of pillows, her hair a tied up mess. There were several tubes passing through her arms, and another tube passing through her nose. Claire gasped, bringing her hands to her mouth in shock.

Barely able to speak, Claire managed to say, “But… But Rosy what happened? I don’t understand, what’s going on?”

“I should have told you sooner.”



– I added a new page “The Family” and I’d really love to have your feedback. It’s just the beginning of the family tree. It’s my very first attempt at this, so it might have a few mistakes. I’ll try and keep it updated as much as I can! The “Family Home” page will also be updated shortly.



  1. Hmm. I wonder what could have happened? If you mentioned it sooner, I must have forgotten. Anyway, seeing Coles sister was sort of nice, though she does sound a bit rude and greedy. She gives off bad vibes. I hope this is the only time we see her, unless she had something to do with rose.

    1. I like the way you’re thinking, but I have to admit there is no connection between her and Rose. Rose’s story still hasn’t been told, but should be explained in the next chapter! 🙂

  2. Gah! Told her what? What is wrong with her? Aside from her being really sick. Exactly how is she sick? What does she have? No fair!!!

    And what is the deal with Courtney? When Cole told Claire of his past. he didn’t mention what really ruined his relationship with his sister. Did he?

    So many secrets! Must have more to satisfy nosiness!

    Ps. Great chapter!

  3. :O I don’t think Cole should have given his sister the money. And I don’t think she is pregnant. I hope she doesn’t come back EVER! And Rosy? What? I knew something was wrong. But oh my gosh. Rosy get better!

  4. I wish I still had time to leave long, thoughtful comments on every chapter because you really deserve them. But I’m supposed to be working on a bunch of different papers right now so I just wanted to say that I still can’t get enough of your legacy! I just love the characters and plot and tone and everything so much. Sometimes I feel a sense of obligation to keep up with people’s chapters, but with yours I’m always checking for updates during my procrastination hours. 😛 So anyway keep up the awesome work, and kudos to you for managing to balance simming/writing with school!

  5. Oh no 😦 It’s mean not to know what is wrong with Rosy, but it seems to be something really bad. Is she sick? There’s not many others things I could imagine. Hopefully she will actually tell Claire now.
    Cole’s sister coming out of nowhere was a huge surprise. It seemed pretty obvious from the beginning that there was something wrong – and now we know what. Partly I want to keep track of her life, to see how her little one is growing up.

  6. Rosy! 😦 Why would you do this to us!?! It’s really mean! I’d really love to know the rest of Cole’s back story, there’s definatley something he’s not telling Claire. I’m very suspicous of Courtney, there’s something slightly off about her.

    Why did you have to leave such a massive cliff-hanger! I really hope tht Rosy can get better… 😦

    Great chapter 🙂

  7. Yeah nice chapter, can’t wait for next one! I hope Rosy gets better!

  8. I don’t believe that his siste is pregnant!! I bet she was just trying to get money off him!! Oh no! Poor Rosy!!! I hope she pulls through!!!!

  9. I caught the hint you made when Rosy left, so I had the feeling something was seriously wrong with her … much sadness here 😦

    I hope they never see Courtney again, but I hope she isn’t actually pregnant as I hate the thought of a poor innocent child being raised by someone like her. Not everyone is as strong as Cole and so able to rise above it.

    Great chapter though 🙂

  10. I wonder what happened to Rosy…

  11. What really happened to Rosy? Is she sick? Eeek. Need to know asap!

  12. Just when I thought you were done, more and more is revealed about Cole’s past. Courtney is so cheeky! Hopefully that’ll be the last of her!

    Rosy, nuuuu! T^T

  13. Great chapter! I think Rosy is sick with a violent disease that will eventually take her life. Sad though…I really liked her and she was a great friend to Claire. Even though he seems to hate his sister, Cole did the right thing. I applaud him from that, and it seems like he’s changed since he was a teen.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next! 😀

  14. Well, THAT’s an ugly cliffhanger. I’m curious to know what had Rosy at death’s door all this time and what effect that might have on Claire.

    The extra detail on Cole’s life makes it both more tragic and more believable. It’s disturbing that his sister seems to either think back on that life in a positive way or at least think she can use it to manipulate Cole.

  15. You know, it might just be me, but I actually feel sorry for Cole’s sister. I mean, yes, Cole says he had it hard…but what about Courtney? She was raped by her own father for years, and then, when her brother killed their dad and got locked away, she was left on her own. He didn’t even try to look for her or anything…I don’t know. I just don’t see Cole being as great as he seems to try and make himself out to be.

    1. I really like that you’ve pointed that out. It’s not something that many of the other readers thought about. But you’re right, it’s not only Cole that had the difficult past… Courtney was in the same boat as him. Although, they also have their differences. Cole was able to overcome his troubles, and he’s moved on. Courtney, on the other hand, is still living a bit of a reckless life and hasn’t yet “grown up” and taken on full responsibilities. I’m glad you pointed that out! 🙂

  16. You know Artemisquirrel, this was exactly what I was thinking. I felt really awful for Cole’s sister when I learned that he didnt bother to contact her or bring her along to start over, a new life. I felt bad that he just left her there. And now I see that she is this person who rather than is thankful her father is dead, is sad that he is because she was dependent on him to provide for her despite all the abuse and horror. Which again makes me think that Cole abandoned her. Just like him she was traumatized, except that when he saw his chance to get out after prison he took it. She did not have a chance like that. She was left in the filth and horror of the life her father led, didnt know anything else but it.
    Also when Cole was mentioning that the mother and the sister were just planning on leaving him behind, didnt he say that he chose to stay with his father because at that time he thought everything he did was right? (Or something like that). So Im confused as to why he accused her for that.
    Anyways, I see now that she is a bad guy character and it saddens me because I hoped that she wouldnt be. XD But I see her never leaving that life and growing into it after every one of her family left her, I would have actually been surprised if she was good.
    On another note!! OH NO!! ROSY!! I knew she was dying…I had a faint inkling that something was wrong from her goodbye in that last chapter and her ominous last thought. Why why why!?!? She was such a good friend and an overall good person.

    1. Hey Dusty, it’s nice to hear from you! Thank you for reading and commenting!
      In his past, Cole thought the life he was living was ‘right’. He didn’t know of any other life to live. What really shook him to his senses was the brutal death of his own mother. However, in a turn of events, if he would’ve ran away when he had the chance with his mother and sister, maybe such terrible things wouldn’t have happened. Nonetheless, he was able to overcome his troubles, and he made it through his problems. His sister, Courtney, however, kept living the rest of her life in the past. She never changed her old habits, and didn’t keep herself clean. Cole has every right to be upset at her, seeing as he’s the one who gave them the chance to live a better life. It’s thanks to him the two were able to live normally and achieve great things in life. but still, Courtney didn’t take that chance and she was never thankful for what her brother did.
      On another note! Rosy’s situation saddens me as well. Just writing the chapters and playing them out, it’s sad to see the state in which she’s in. She’s such a close friend to the family! Every time I was in game play, she was almost always over, helping out with the animals. Though, who knows what will really happen to her… Maybe there’s a someway out of this hospital bed she seems to be stuck in.

      Thanks again for reading! 🙂

  17. I loved this chapter (and the end aaahhh I need to know what happens!) but I don’t quite understand why Cole would be so negative towards his sister. I get that he’s trying to to dwell on his past, but she was raped AND beaten for years by their father! And then he just ran off! Unless there’s stuff we don’t know about, but I think that Cole should be a little more understanding/.

    1. so many mistakes Dx
      *not to

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