1.9 Remember Me?

With the truth being said, Claire and Cole were finally able to have a healthy relationship.

Brooklyn was also growing up steadily, her personality coming through boldly. “Brooklyn look sweetie, I got you a brand new doll for your doll house!” She played with the new toy for a maximum of ten minutes, then went back to playing with her plastic car. “Mama, me like car.”

“But look at the doll! Look at her dress! You know she was once a princess?” Claire tried convincing her daughter to play with her Barbie figurine, but nothing seemed to work. She watched hopelessly at her daughter, when Cole interrupted her stare, “Why do you care so much about the doll?”

“I just don’t understand why she wants that car so much. You know, it’s not just the car! She likes playing with sports balls, and rolling around in mud, and cleaning the barn.”

“So what? We have a healthy toddler and you’re complaining?”

“It’s just at that age all I cared about was playing doll house, and dress-up, and watching Cinderella movies.” There was a long pause before Cole spoke up, reassuring her, “Don’t worry about it. She’s three; she picks up whatever’s in her way. Isn’t that right?” He said turning his attention to the little figure sitting on the floor. He picked her up, tossing her in the air. “Look at how little Brooke is so tall! You can fly!” Cole waved his daughter in the air, her screams and laughter filling the room.


“What!? You can’t leave me here!” Claire was yelling at Rose, after she was announcing her departure.

“Calm down Claire! I just need to get out of this nutshell! I need to travel a little more ya know. Go for an adventure!”

“But…but you can’t Rosy, you just can’t.”

“Claire, Hun, I’ll keep in touch!”

“That’s not the problem. I need to tell you something.”

“Oh golly, what have you gotten yourself into this time around?”

“I’m pregnant.”


Rosy packed the rest of her bags into the cab and came to say her goodbyes to the family she grew so close to.

“Cole you better take care of your woman and child, or I’ll come all the way back here just to beat you!” She hugged him tightly, laughing.

“As for you Missy,  you’re going to be a good girl right? When I’m going to come back I want you to be able to tie your shoes all by yourself, so start practicing!” She hugged Brooklyn tightly, giving her wet kisses on each cheek.

“And as for you? I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss you. You’ve been a great friend to me and I could never ask for anything better. All the laughs we’ve had together, I’ll never forget them. I’ll write to you and send pictures. I love you, gal.”

Tears running down their cheeks, the two woman hugged each other goodbye. Rosy sat in the backseat of the cab and as it drove away she looked back at the family of three as they waved their goodbyes. More tears forming in her eyes, she was devastated knowing she would never see their second child.


Cole woke up early, the sun only rising outside. He made himself a coffee and read the morning paper. Soon the cries of Brooklyn filled the house’s silence. Taking her out of the crib, he went to wake up Claire. “Claire, Hun, I have to go to work, Brooke’s playing in her room.” He kissed her goodbye and headed out to his run-down car.

He was still sleepy, his eyes barely able to stay open. Putting the keys into the ignition, the car roared to life and he backed out of the dirt driveway. There was a sudden thud and Cole’s foot smashed onto the brake pedal. Reflexively, he looked in his rear-view mirror and in a split second, he saw the figure of someone falling. He had hit someone. But this wasn’t just anyone; this was his sister.


– I know this was a rather short chapter, but I really wanted it to end on a bit of a cliffhanger! Cole’s sister has now made her reappearance.

– I Also tried getting Brooklyn’s personality through. Just short sequences of her, this way once she’s older you’ll be able to understand why she is the way she is.

– If it wasn’t clearly mentioned in the chapter, I’d like to restate that yes, Claire IS pregnant once again! I’m super excited about this pregnancy, and I can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or girl. Also, the part where Rosy says to herself, “I will never see their second child,” is rather an important phrase that will come back later in the story.

– Thank you to everyone who’s been leaving such supportive comments! I appreciate all of them. So happy to see that we’ve passed the 4,000 mark as well! If you’re interested, I updated the Blogroll page too, so if you want more great stories to read, just check it out!



  1. Yay! baby #2! Which just reminds me that I should probably get on the ball since Conrad’s #1 isn’t even here yet. Speaking of. I don’t know if you checked it out yet, and I don’t want to be a pain. But Odine’s special is up, and maybe you could check it out, and let me know what you think?

    Brook’s personality makes me laugh. Maybe baby 2 will be a girly girl.

    Rosy is coming back, right? You can’t just have her disappear! You just can’t!

    And finally. Gasp! Cole’s sister? Wow! I wonder how she found him, and how her life has been since they last saw each other. Great chapter Cin. Can’t wait for more.

    1. You a pain? Never! I’ll check out your newest update, right now actually 🙂
      I’m also very excited about the second pregnancy, and I have no idea what to expect!
      Rosy’s story to, is going to have an unexpected outcome that you’ll just have to wait and see to find out.
      Cole’s sister has officially made her reappearance, and I can’t wait to tell you guys more about it! I thought it would be nice to bring back Cole’s past into the present.
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting 😀

  2. Great chapter … Brooklyn is adorable and cute just the way she is, muddy knees and all!! So, Coles’ sister has quite literally barged back into his life. I really hope this won’t ruin things for Claire as she finally has a life that is working well for her and another baby on the way!

    I noticed how pointed Rosy’s last thought was, and I’m worried about it 😦

  3. Yay! Another baby! I’m was so sad that Rosy was leaving then happy when she told Brooklyn that she was coming back then devastated when she said she would never see their second child! Rosy can’t leave! She’s been a great friend but I have my ideas about what could end up happening… 😉
    YAY BABY 2!!!!!

    1. Roller coaster of emotions when it comes to Rosy huh!?

  4. Another pregnancy. Can’t wait to see who’s waiting to make its appearance. 😀
    I love Brooklyn, she’s just the sweetest. I bet she’ll be a really good-looking one, too.

    I jumped at the “won’t ever see the second kid” bit, where’s Rosy really going? 😦 And then Cole’s sister coming back? You sure managed to squeeze in a lot of things in the rather short chapter. Can’t wait until the next one. 🙂

    1. I know! I was just so excited, and I had loads of ideas that I wanted to put through! I can’t wait to put out the next chapter!

  5. This was a wonderful cliffhanger! And yay another baby! For some odd reason the new chapter didn’t show up in my reader.

  6. But…But… Omg.
    First of all, where the hell is Rosy going? 😦 I have a bad feeling about this…
    Secondly, I kind of get Claire’s point about the way Brooklyn’s acting. I wonder why she’s like that though, and I can’t wait to see the way she’ll grow up. Maybe Cole’s right and there’s nothing to worry about.
    Last but not least… Cole’s sister!? WHAT THE HECK. Ugh … I hope she won’t cause the family extra drama that they alerady didn’t need.

    Great cliffhanger, please update soon!!!!

  7. I agree with Cole, I think Brooklyn will just grow out of this “phase” of hers. However, Claire must understand that her daughter probably won’t be the girly-girl type like she was, as Brooklyn is raised on a farm! I’m excited to see baby #2! I wonder where Rose is going, and how you develop this new character…

    Great chapter! 😀

  8. I think little Miss Brooklyn may be a bit of a tomboy…and I’m worried that Clare, for all that she ran away from home to get away from how her parents’ were, is turning into a version of them herself. (I feel like I already said that somewhere; if so, sorry for the redundancy!)

    Like everyone else, I gotta know….what is the deal with Rosy?!?! 😦

    1. Matter of fact, Brooklyn is definitely a tomboy! I’ll show off more about her personality as the chapters continue. Of course Claire is a little like her parents… after all she was raised a certain way, and you can’t always get rid of old habits. If everything goes as I planned, Rosy’s story should be explained two chapters from now! 🙂

      1. I really like that Claire is somewhat like her parents…it’s very realistic. No matter how much about your own childhood you dislike, most people inevitably wind up bringing some of that into their own parenting style, consciously or not. I think it’s very smart of you to have included that aspect of Claire, rather than just have her be a perfect mother from the start.

        Very much looking forward to how Brooklyn turns out…and Rosy’s mystery, of course! 🙂

  9. This Chapter Blew me AWAY! Rosy where are you going? I can’t wait for the baby that is on the way! And Claire needs to understand that Brookie is a baby and babies are quite messy.

  10. HE HIT HIS SISTER?! Are you serious? That is so sad.

    1. Yup.. Cole’s father was the abusive and violent type.

  11. meginthebox · · Reply

    Whoo I’m caught up now! I’m really enjoying this. And now I am with the rest of the people dying to know what’s going to happen. xD

    Aw, Claire should know better than anyone to let a child be who they are. 😦 But I can’t blame her. It was how she was raised; things like that change the way you think. I can tell Brooklyn is going to be a pretty awesome kid, and I’d predict the same for the second child!

    Speaking of the second child, I’m so excited! I was thinking that Cole would only want one child, what with all the work he’s had to do to provide for one. But this is so happy! Competition for the heirship!

    Dang I liked Rosy. -_- Hmm. Foreshadowing… I hope Rosy doesn’t DIE. D:

    Gahh his sister! How are they going to be able to talk without everything being awkward?? Can’t wait for the next chapter!

  12. Woo. This was an ominous chapter! I noticed the remark about Rosy when you made it in the story. On one hand, she was telling Brooklyn all about when she would be back, and on the other was the remark about never seeing Claire’s second child. That’s enough to make you worry.

    I am very curious to see the next chapter! Rosy, Cole’s sister, and a new baby!

    1. I’m so excited to tell you guys about all these cliffhangers! The next chapter will hopefully be out by the end of this weekend…

  13. Yay can’t wait to see the second baby! And boooooo Rosy’s leaving 😦 Brook is a little tomboy but that’s ok, she’s still a cutie 🙂 And oh no Cole hit his sister. I hope she’s okay and I’m anxious to find out more about her!!!!

  14. OH gosh! So many cliffhangers here!
    What the heck does Rosy mean that she will never get to see their second child?! She isnt coming back??!
    This is so freaky, just that last chapter I was saying how Cole should find his sister and take her out of that life…and here she is…except she found him…why? Oh dear I hope she is not going to be a bad guy! I want her to be a good guy!
    And Claire is pregnant again!! Whoa! This is terrific news, but Im worried about the family’s financial problems….Cole is already working like a maniac, I think Claire is going to need to start working too.

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