1.8 Back Flash

Having a baby on a ranch was a difficult task to handle. Cole was trying his best to take car of the animals, paid as many visits he possibly could to his clients, and overnight spent a few hours in the grocery’s back store working as a butcher. We were able to afford enough food for both the animals, and ourselves, but anything past necessities was beyond our budget.

Even through all the hardships, Brooklyn’s presence brought lots of joy. I spent hours at a time trying to teach her the basics in life, such as walking and talking.

She mostly spent her time outside though, playing with the animals, and getting herself dirty. “Brooklyn! I just changed your pants can you please stop rolling around in the mud!” The little three-year-old just laughed some more and continued by climbing into her toy box. Cole overhearing added his feedback, “Claire take it easy. She’s three, who cares if she gets a little dirty.”

“I care! Just look how dirty she is. Her jeans are covered in grass stains, her palms and cheeks streaked with mud, and her hair; her hair is just a tangled mess. Now she’s getting all her brand new toys dirty.”

“And what does that change?”

Claire sighed in exasperation and started stomping away back into the house, when she heard Cole shout out, “You should have seen the mess I was at that age!” Claire stopped in her tracks. It took her a few seconds to turn around and fully face Cole.

“Actually, how were you at that age?” she asked, suddenly serious.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, how were you? Growing up? You’ve never told me about anything about your life growing up.”

“Funny, because neither did you.”

She had to admit, he had caught her. She was so focused on finding out more about him that she never considered how secret her own past life was.

“You know Cole, this town talks a lot about you.”

“Every town has its bad guys.”

“So are you telling me you’re the town’s most wanted?” Claire said jokingly, but Cole’s deadly stare made her stop laughing.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“So there is something then?”

Brooklyn broke then tension with her high-pitched voice, “Daddy is no bad guy!”

Claire sat silently on the wooden bench, watching as Brooklyn played with our newest dog, Wilson. She stared at them absent-mindedly, slowly gazing off into her own thoughts. Who knows how long she sat there, but the silence was suddenly broken off by Cole as he sat next to her. “Do you believe them?”

Startled, she answered, “What?”

“What people in this town say about me? You believe them don’t you?”

“If I believed them I wouldn’t be sitting here don’t you think? Cole I can’t understand why you don’t trust me.”

“Alright fine, you’re right. I have a pretty dark background, and because you deserve to know, I’ll tell you, but I can’t promise you’ll like the story.”

“I’m ready.”

It was a long time ago, probably since the day I was born but I can only remember it around the age of 7. I can still see it now, the way my dad use to beat my mother. I had an older sister too, and she got the same beating as my mother, if not worse. At that age, there wasn’t much I can do but hide and cry. I didn’t go to school anymore, because the bruising and scars my dad were giving me were too obvious. I was ashamed and embarrassed to show myself. 

As I got older, things got worse. My dad manipulated me into doing what he wanted. I watched as my mother and sister were beaten, burnt, and whipped. Yet I just stood in the corner. I was stealing for food, stealing for money, and soon was stealing for weapons. It’s when I was thirteen, my sister being sixteen that things started to change. Maybe it had been going on for years, or maybe I was just older and I can finally understand what was going on. Every night, sometimes even twice a day, my father would force her into bed, making her do things unwillingly. I can still hear the sounds ringing in the back of my head.

A year later, my mother tried to escape. She tried so hard to save money, but my father controlled everything. Finally when she had enough she attempted leaving with my sister. Too terrified, I firmly decided to stay behind. At the time, I was happy to be on my father’s side. I thought it was the right thing to do. The safest. My mom didn’t make it very far. My dad found her at a run-down motel and he dragged her all the way back home. That night he beat her so hard, she didn’t come out of it alive. 

That’s when it clicked in my mind. I was only fifteen, and finally I realized that things had to change. With my mother gone, my sister and I no longer had any protection. That’s when I began working out. I trained, day and night to become bigger, stronger, faster.

Anger rising in me, I wanted to beat him to death. To make him feel what we had all felt our whole lives. But then I thought better of myself. Beating him would only bring me down to his standards and I didn’t want to be like him. Instead, I trained hard for another year, and still did what he told me to do.

With all the years of stealing, I had gathered quiet a few guns, and one night I crept into my dad’s cabinet and pulled out a Glock 22. I kept it on me at all times, and slept over it at night. One night, I could hear my sister’s screams as my father forcefully mounted her. I tried blocking out the noise, blocking out the tears and the pain; but I could no longer take it. I was only sixteen at the time, and with a firm hand, I pulled the trigger, the bullet directly hitting threw my father’s thick chest. 

The rest of my teenage years are a complete mess. I went to juvenile prison for two years, and after being in a penitentiary for three years, I was finally released on good behavior  Even if my father was gone, I knew no other way of living. I stole for money and food, and slept outside in the cold streets. The streets are a dark place, a place where I had to beat people just in order to stay alive. But then I came to Appaloosa Plains, where finally my life became normal. I was hired on this ranch when I was only nineteen. The former owner, Mr. Tyree said he’d hired me for my size. When he passed away, he left me with this ranch. I’ve been living this life for years now, keeping away from trouble.

Wiping away her tears, Claire cuddled against Cole’s chest. After a long moment of silence, she asked, “Did you ever see your sister again?”

“Never looked for her,” he answered, shaking his head. “I knew if I’d find her I’d get myself back into old habits. I had to stay away from everything of my past life.”

“Your turn now.”

“Compared to your past, I have nothing half as bad. I come from a rich family, where my parents were never home and I was passed down from one nanny to another. As a child, it didn’t really bother me, but as I got older, I saw how manipulated my whole life was. They decided who I befriended, where I ate, where I attended school. They planned which field I was going to study in, and even planned who I was going to marry. One day I packed my bags, told them I was attending University and just left and never looked back.”

“ They’ve never looked for you ever since?”

“Not once,” Claire lied, the image of those emails appearing in her mind.


– I know this chapter was mostly about Cole’s past, but I thought it was about time I told you more about him and his background. Even though it’s short, it took me a while to play out because of having to recreate the past people and scenes. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

– Within my busy schedule I’m trying to get a chapter out at least once every week and a half, sometimes more or less!

– Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate all your feedback! 🙂



  1. :O I loved it! Cole’s past. But I don’t think he should have went to juvie because he was defending his sister. I think the old Claire of being clean was kicking in when Brooklyn was in the mud. Ah haha. Cole is a strong guy I don’t know how he does it but I just hope that he won’t turn out like his dad.

    1. Claire has definitely changed compared to what she used to be! She actually has values now, and is able to do things herself… though her old happens do kick in every once in a while ha ha!

      Even Cole has changed so much since his past! He’s stayed away from violence and trouble. Hopefully it’ll stay that way, but I think no matter what, old habits always make an appearance at some point…

  2. Cole.

  3. Wow, Cole really has a sad past. I’m glad he opened up to Claire (and us), since he can’t carry that burden around with him all the time without her knowing. Their relationship couldn’t work out that way. But with this out in the open I think they can be even closer than they were before.

    Brooke is such an adorable toddler – I already love her! 😀

  4. What Brooklyn said was so cute! I liked finding out about his past, it really showed us who he was!

  5. Damn. You gave Cole and incredibly dark past. That’s a really huge Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder kind of childhood. I guess we’ll see where the story goes.

  6. Wow. I wasn’t expecting Cole to have such a dark, and traumatizing past. It must have been very difficult for him to cope with it after ally here years. However, I’m glad he opened up with Claire and now the two can maybe move on with their relationship.

    Great chapter! Can’t wait to see what happens next! 😀

    1. Cole definitely had an irregular and dark past, but I had to show why he was the way he way today. The fact that he’s a young, strong, and attractive man staying on a ranch by himself. Though that has now all changed of course… More surprises to come in the upcoming chapters!

  7. I have been reading your legacy and I find it to be breath taking GOOD! Oh my. This is so wonderful. I love how all of this is just put together. Cole has a very tough past and it is good that he got though it. Brooklyn is so cute <3. Also can you please check out my legacy? I just started it today, Thank you.

    1. A new reader AND a new legacy writer!? This should be interesting, welcome! 🙂 I’ll definitely check out your blog. If you want to keep up with the upcoming chapters you can always follow my blog! I’ll return the favor

      1. krissy919 · ·

        🙂 Yes I have Followed you.

  8. Great chapter … it’s nice to finally have some insight into Cole’s past … boy do I feel sorry for him! He’s a great guy and I think Claire and Brooklyn have the perfect protector to take care of them. It sounds like Claire and Cole can help each other heal 🙂

    1. I like your way of thinking. Cole will definitely be protective of Claire and Brooklyn, as they are his only family left. It’s funny though how they both have such different pasts, yet both ended up wanting to be alone. They can only learn from each other!

  9. Wow what an amazing chapter. I never could have guessed that was Cole’s past. I really feel bad for him.

  10. Late reply, but here I am! Whoah. That was some dark stuff. I was expecting something more like Cole got in with the wrong crowd and ended up being in a gang for a while. I hope he stays a nice guy! And what will Claire’s parents say when they eventually find out???

    ❤ Brookyn ❤

  11. Also: seems you’ve got the hang of poses. Glad I could be of assistance there! x

    1. YES! Haha it took me forever to finally get them working, but thanks so much, I really appreciate the help!

      As for Cole’s past, it definitely was a dark one, but look at him now! He pulled out pretty well.

  12. Poor poor Cole! I can’t even imagine the horror he went through as a kid and even now as an adult. It must have been very traumatic for him! I hope that he sees his sister again even if he thinks it will lead him back into old habits. They are family and it’s important that they stick together.
    Shame on Claire for lying, why did she lie? Cole was honest with her or at least I’m assuming he was honest, why wouldn’t she be honest about her parents contacting her?
    Brooklyn is so cute btw!!!!
    Great chapter am waiting for the next!

    1. Cole was definitely honest about his past, but unfortunately for Claire, she wasn’t able to follow his honesty. Without spoiling anything, I’d like to mention that this topic will come back sometime in the future chapters!

      Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

  13. What a rough past Cole has had. I feel sorry for him. 😦 I hope he won’t fall back to old habits. Claire deserves to be happy with him.

    I liked how Claire’s past shined through in her parenting. It’s probably quite hard for Brooklyn to not get dirty on the ranch, lol. Let kids be kids. 😀 She is super cute.

    1. Of course, even if Claire has changed a lot since her past life, she still has a few habits she didn’t lose!

  14. Hmm… I could have swore I commented on this… I guess not. Anyways.

    Cole has had a very interesting past. At least he got a fresh start. And I can’t help but think Cole was completely honest with Claire. Why wasn’t Claire completely honest with Cole? Did she think he was going to leave her or something. This is going to end up biting her in the behind. Nice chapter nonetheless. And I completely understand that the whole chapter was about his past. Sometimes, the character’s pasts are so big, that they take up a whole chapter. Can’t wait to read more.

    Ps. I posted Odine’s special chapter, if you want to check it out, and let me know what you think. For some reason, it is saying that I posted it on September 3rd… And its not showing up in the reader.

    1. Cole definitely had a dark past, but you’re right, at least he stayed honest. Claire however is too busy keeping her parents out of her life, she can’t even imgine just mentioning them.

      Thanks for telling me, I’ll take.note of it and go read it as soon as I log on with my PC! 🙂

  15. AHHH! I can’t believe I didn’t read this chapter earlier!? I think Cole has such a traumatizing past, yet he grew out of it so well. I’m sure he’s going to be a great father for Brooklyn and “husband/boyfriend” to Claire.

    Nice picture edits too, they add to suspensful storytelling! 😀

  16. Poor Cole, such a harsh, harsh, harsh past he has had! I feel bad though that he did not look for his sister. What if she is struggling out there? He could have brought her to help on the ranch. She also went through so much, so much more mentally damaging stuff at the hands of their father.
    Lolz, Claire is right….compared to his, her past pales in comparison.
    Im glad that they shared with each other, there is nothing that can tear a couple apart faster than a secret.

  17. Cole’s past is…dark o.o

    He seems okay now, though! I can’t wait to see how he raises little Brooklyn!

    (As you can see, I’m slowly catching up! I havn’t read ANY legacies in soooo long :P)

    (As you can see, I’m catching up

    1. O.o I have no clue what happened there, sorry.

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