1.6 A First Time to Everything

“Here’s the daily plan. You’re going to start off by feeding all the horses in their stable. After you can let them all loose, and you’ll have to clean out their stables, refill their water and bring in one stack of hay.” Cole was walking and talking, all in the same time as introducing Claire around the shack.

Once Cole explained everything Claire had to do, she was completely overwhelmed. She had a list of to do’s that with her pace, would take over a year.

Curiously, Claire asked, “While I’m doing all that, what will you be doing?”

“It might not look like it, but after so many years of practice around animals, I guess you can call me a cheap vet. I have two clients to visit today.”

Claire started with her first task of the day; feeding the horses. After searching for 15 minutes, she finally found the stacks of hay. Each rectangular stack was wrapped with a single cord around it, wrapped like a gift. She attempted lifting the heavy load, only to drop it back down halfway.

Two hours later, with trails of hay all over the wooden floors, and two broken nails, all the horses were fed. How am I supposed to get them out of their stables? These creatures are gigantic. 


After a long day’s work, Claire was still not done. She had cleaned the horse stables as best she could, and had chopped up a small amount of wood fire; causing her to break three more nails. As Cole drove up the main driveway, Claire was at the back of the ranch, picking out the weeds in the garden.

“The first day’s over and you still didn’t run away?” Cole laughed as he walked towards Claire; his bright smile a visible feature. Claire turned to talk but she was cut off as Cole spoke again, “Whoa! This isn’t the same woman who walked up here today!”

Claire’s hair was a tangled mess, her palms bloody and filled with dirt, her face streaked with sweat and mud and her clothes were just as dirty.

Bowing her head in embarrassment Claire added, “I didn’t get a chance to finish the list. I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but I tried my best.” As Claire began to walk away, her head bowed down, Cole took her wrist, turning her around. “Claire! Don’t be so hard on yourself. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t expecting you to finish the list. I just gave you a lot of extra work because I wanted you to really do the best you could.”

“Are you telling me even you don’t complete such an impossible amount of work in one day?” Claire asked, slowly starting to regain confidence.

“No I don’t. So I think I owe you an apology because you did exceptional work around here and you’ve surprised me. I promise you the next couple days will be easier, and I’ll try and be around to help out.”


As the weeks passed by, Claire began to love her job. It truly changed her into a better person. Cole was often around to offer help and teach her new techniques. As they worked, the two endlessly talked. What Claire liked, was that Cole never once asked about her past. It was left an unmentioned topic.

Cole had introduced Claire to what he called his home. It was just side by side to the ranch and the animals, a small, wooden cabin which served as Cole’s house. Which now, Claire was free to use whenever she needed something.

The two were cleaning and scrubbing the floors in the ranch, trying to remove the thick layers of mud. Suddenly, Cole threw his soapy sponge and hit Claire’s lower back. “Hey!?” Claire yelled as Cole laughed loudly.

Taking revenge, Claire threw her sponge back at him, and started to shower him with straws of hay. The two screamed and laugh in the same time, their bodies tangled upon each other as they play fought. When the laughing finally stopped, they both looked at each other and noticed the way Cole had his arms around Claire.

Startled, Claire said with a trembling voice, “Oh, um, I…I’m sorry.” Cole’s grin revealed his perfect teeth and that was enough to make Claire’s knees fold. Resting her hands on his muscular chest, she leaned in and kissed him. Slowly, she backed off, and repeated once more, “Sorry.” Laughing quietly, Cole looked back at her and dug in for another deep kiss. This time, neither of them backed away. Claire’s hands fondled through his long hair, as he held her delicate structure.

Cole picked up Claire, his lips never leaving hers. They made their way to the bedroom, and that night turned out to be a sleepless one.

I had never expected it to be that way. I don’t know what had taken over my body, but words cannot explain what I felt. As I woke up the next morning, my head resting upon Cole’s shoulder, I could only smile to myself. My body was sore, and drained, yet I felt as if it were one of the most magical nights ever. 


Nights like those, however, had their consequences, and some of them were bigger than others. For Claire, the karma that hit her was the severe back pains, and early morning sicknesses. It’s only after being positive and certain of what was happening, that she approached Cole. “Cole? I believe I have something to tell you.”

“What’re you like quitting or something?” He said laughing.

It’s only when he looked up and saw Claire’s serious expression that he stopped laughing.

“Cole. Cole I’m pregnant.”



  1. FIRST COMMENT =D I knew it would be Cole! Wonder if there will be repercussions for sleeping with the boss…? And yay, babies! Cole seems to be a nice enough guy. Hope the announcement worked in Claire’s favour…

    1. Cole’s reaction will be showed in the next update 😉
      I don’t think it’ll have too much effect that he’s the “boss” … they were more like co-workers, and now well, I guess they’re even beyond that!

  2. Oh my. I wonder what’s going to happen now. I’m not so sure sleeping with her boss was a good idea and now she’s pregnant…

  3. vanillachaipwns · · Reply

    Oooo cliffhanger! I hope Cole is happy about the news.

  4. OH my gosh! Why leave us at such a cliffhanger! ahh! Can’t wait for chapter 7 and I loved this chapter. I hope he will be a great father

  5. Oh no! She’s pregnant and is struggling to survive on her own. I hope Cole doesn’t get upset at the news.

    By the way, I have a new chapter up. Check it out maybe?

  6. YAY, I have a feeling that at first he might not like the idea then as time goes by he’ll end up speaking/listening/feeling her stomach and fall in love with the baby, he’ll then move in and they’ll get married and have more beautiful babies and then live happily ever after 😀

    1. LOVE you’re thinking! So positive hehe

  7. I hope this turns out to be a happy ending for Claire. I cannot picture her on the streets with a newborn…struggling to survive. I think Cole will understand and ask her to marry him! I think they are perfect for each other!

    Can’t wait to see what happens next! 😀

  8. Oh wow, now things are getting interesting with a baby on the way..

  9. WHOA.


  10. OUUUU! What a crazy cliffhanger!? I really can’t imagine what Cole’s reaction will be… we barely know him! I hope for Claire’s sake though that he’ll be supportive… or else I can’t imagine her raising a kid. She’s got herself in a bit of a pickle!

  11. Hoping that he reacts positively. He seems to really love animals so why not a baby too?

    1. Good point! I hadn’t thought of that until you mentioned it. He’s definitely a caring and hard-working man.

  12. Oh man oh man, THIS CLIFFHANGER. While sleeping with her boss wasn’t the most well thought out idea, Cole seems like a pleasant guy. I only hope that adding a baby into the mix won’t ruin their relationship or Claire’s livelihood.

  13. Claire has indeed found herself in a rather sticky situation, but Cole seems like a stand-up guy not that I know too much about him. Hopefully he won’t be ‘that guy’ the one that dumps her or worse fires her. A baby is exciting as you’re already bringing in generation 2, but I hope I get to find out more about Claire and Cole as a couple or not depending on which way this goes. Anyway I can’t wait to find out what Cole will say.

    1. Even with a baby in the picture I’m still going to be talking about Claire and her relationships. I’m still going to include the rest of the neighborhood as best I can! And not to forget about Claire’s background and her parents… Also going to have to slip in a little on Cole’s past, no? 🙂

  14. That’s good to hear and I’d love to know more about Cole’s past. Hmmm so that was not the last we saw or heard from Claire’s parents? Very interesting indeed. I wonder how they will fit into her new life and what they would say. Surely someone of her status should be married first before she has children right? I assume that’s how she was brought up but correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway I’m really excited to get to know Claire, Cole and the rest of Appaloosa Plains more 🙂

  15. Yey! Babies! 😀 I’m so happy Cole and Claire are together! They are so sweet! On the other hand I hope that Cope takes the news well. If he doesn’t… Well poor kid. Any way I love sims 3 babies 🙂

  16. I didn’t comment on this? :O Let me fix that!

    Cole is so hot and I really enjoy the chemistry between her and him. They make a really cute couple and I hope that her parents somehow don’t barge onto the scene and mess everything up. Their child is gonna be a looker ;]

    1. I agree with you, Cole’s a cute one 😉 Just wait for the baby…

  17. Babies 🙂 I hope Cole takes the news well as I don’t want to have to hate him!!!

    1. The next chapter will soon be out, hopefully!

  18. Missed this update :).

    Whoa, that’s one studly muscle skin you have on Cole! I’m going to guess that Cole is a gentleman about the coming baby. He seems like a tough but really nice guy who is wants to respect Claire for who she truly is. Hopefully I’m right :).

  19. I’m totally confident that he’s not going to dump her or do anything nasty. Because he’s a good guy. It’ll be fine. I can tell. I have a sixth sense like that.
    So don’t you dare prove me wrong. XD

  20. Yikes…sleeping with the boss….getting pregnant with the boss’s baby….not sure that was a smart career move…lolz. But something tells me that Cole wont be too upset about it ;]
    Im just glad it wasnt Trevor that she found herself pregnant for. :O That would have been terrible!
    On another note, Cole and Claire are just ADORABLE together! They would make cuuute babies. :} Cole really worked her hard that first day. I guess its his way of testing her and making sure that she was right for the job and not a slacker or something.
    Another wonderful chapter! I loved it!

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